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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 8:00 A.M. EDT, October 8, 2012

Contact: Keith Johnson
Phone: (919) 889-9689


In a recent “Miller Time” segment on Fox NewsO’Reilly Factor, radio show personality Dennis Miller made a comment directed towards conservative filmmakers to create a video that simply allowed conservative voters to get on camera and candidly discuss political beliefs in such as manner that would attempt to dispel the myths and outright lies told by liberals. Miller and others share the sentiment that conservative voters are not guilty of many of the claims that they are all racists, or sexists, or generally uncaring and that the truth needs to be told to set the record straight.

In response to this charge, local filmmaker Keith Johnson of Raleigh, NC assembled nearly two dozen male and female conservative voters, all born in different parts of the world, representing an array of races, religions and socioeconomic backgrounds to take on the following topics:

  1. Conservatives Are Racists
  2. Conservatives Are Waging War On Women
  3. Conservatives Don’t Like Immigrants
  4. Conservatives Don’t Care About Seniors
  5. Conservatives Don’t Care About The Poor
  6. What’s Wrong With Government Spending?
  7. How Does The National Debt Affect Me?
  8. Do We Need God In Government?
  9. What’s Wrong With Government Healthcare?
  10. Why Would Anyone Want To Be A Republican?

There is also an 11th, inspirational piece that summaries the above entitled:
“What We Believe: Setting The Record Straight”

This video series represents nearly one full month of volunteer labor and efforts and does not endorse any particular candidate and, as of the date of this release, has not be officially endorsed or otherwise supported by the State or National GOP.

The filmmaker, Keith Johnson is quoted as saying: “My conservative beliefs have always been very important to me and tie very closely to my faith in God. The more I heard people on the web, TV and radio tell lies about me, my friends and the beliefs I hold most dear, the more I felt led to do something about it. When I saw Dennis Miller on the O’Reilly Factor share the same frustrations and issue the charge to make a video, I guess that gave me the last bit of encouragement I needed to get off the couch and do something.”

All of the videos in the series have been made available free of charge and devoid of any ads, to any person, candidate or organization online at or by going to their YouTube channel directly at Johnson said: “It was important to me to make the videos free to everyone and to be free of ads or other revenue. I wanted to make them easy to find, to watch and to share. I also didn’t want anyone to question my intentions so I made certain that no one, including myself, benefitted financially from the project. We all just wanted the truth to get out there and for conservatives, especially local conservative candidates to have some free tools to help them tell the conservative story.”

Perhaps one of the most unique things about the project is that all of the individuals in the video are just regular people, who embrace the conservative movement and were allowed to candidly, completely and honestly answer very open-ended questions about their beliefs. “There truly is nothing out there like it. Like Dennis said, I just let em’ talk”, Johnson said.

Johnson continued: “You know, it became a really neat concept; the project let’s the people who are affected by the lies speak out for themselves. I have non-white conservatives taking on the racism charge, women saying there’s no political war on them, immigrants who support strong borders, and even someone from Italy who has really experienced free healthcare. But, most importantly, it’s just a group of conservatives sharing what they believe, free from all that hype.”

The filmmaker encourages anyone and everyone to visit the website or YouTube channel, to share their thoughts and to share with others.