NObama #20: Dave

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Better Than Obama #20: Dave

Dave Kovic runs a temporary employment agency in Georgetown, Washington, D.C., and, as a side job, makes appearances impersonating President Bill Mitchell, whom he resembles, at events such as automobile dealerships and supermarket openings. He is requested by Secret Service agent Duane Stevensen to make an appearance as the President at a hotel where he is making a speech. Dave assumes it is a matter of security, but it is really to cover up Mitchell’s extramarital affair with a White House staffer.\ Mitchell suffers a severe stroke during the liaison, leaving him in a coma. White House Chief of Staff Bob Alexander and Communications Director Alan Reed convince Dave to continue impersonating the President. Along the way, Dave becomes a fantastic President, intent on creating jobs and bringing a touch of inspiration back to the White House. Dave for President!

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