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Better Than Obama #01: ????

Who is our #1 NObama Top 100 Candidate? Read below to find out!

When I first started this project 100 days ago, it was intended to pretty much just be an excuse to pick on Obama. But, as my thoughts evolved and I had many conversations with my wife, we determined that it needed be about more than that. Boy, was she right.

In trying to find 100 candidates from the best of my heroes, I was rejuvenated with the spirit of hope, trust, faith and belief that I had as a child. In re-investigating so many of my heroes, I re-watched their movies, re-read their old comic books and, in reminiscing, even cried a few times. We get to CHOOSE our heroes, and, in that choosing, we define the things that we believe are most important in a person and the characteristics that we pray dwell within our own hearts. I didn’t focus on super powers or cool gadgets or even how rough and tumble they were. Instead I focused on their heart, their soul. Granted, a few of this year’s NObama candidates were tongue-in-cheek, but most all of them were characters who once inspired the best in me, and I hope that did for some of you.

At the zenith of my project I’ve determined the characteristics of our #1 hero for America. He should be a person that believes in God and embraces the fact that our nation, our planet, our lives are more that we can see or comprehend. He should be a person that understands our nation, its intricacies, its subtleties, its successes, its failures, its nightmares and its dreams. He should have the strength to tell us that we are on the wrong path, to provide a path to correction and to say ENOUGH! He should have the power and will to put us on course that make sense. He should be someone that will protect the best parts of who we are and, through his leadership inspire the best in others, even if, and especially when, the decisions and the choices are hard. He should be a person of nobility, of strength, who shares his success and his abilities with those who need his help the most. He should be someone who is proven to be charitable not only with wealth but with love, attention, friendship and prayer.

He should try to embody the best of what America is and surround himself with sidekicks that share his vision in public and among family. But, most importantly, our hero must be a man who can win, who can actually defeat the enemy. And, at the end of my journey into the NObama Top 100, I declare that the time for games is over, and it’s time to break my own rules. There truly is only ONE hero left on our planet that can defeat Barack Obama.

Click here to find out who that #1 hero is

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