Myths About Republicans Project 2012 creates a patriotic montage of concerned voters that attempts to clear up myths about why they choose a particular political ideology.   

The Official NObama Top 100 Project

Check in daily for the last 100 days to Election Day 2012 with my top picks of fictional presidential candidates that I believe would be far superior to Barack Obama. Who will be #1? 

Conservative Views On Current Events

A conservative take on news, politics elections all the ridiculous stuff you see on social media outlets.  

Christian Perspective

Facebook and other social media outlets are frequently a buzz with religious debates where people are either grossly or intentionally incorrect with the truth about Christiany, God and His plan for our lives. This is where we straighten things out. 

Recommended Television

Some of the best tv shows can sometimes be found a bit off the beaten path. Check in frequently to see our picks for programming you should be watching.  

Movie Reviews

I don’t watch a ton of movies, so when I do, I try to make them the best of the best. See my picks for everything from the big screen to netflix.  

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    Extreme Job (2019) HD Director : Lee Byeong-heon. Writer : Moon Chung-il. Producer : Kim Seong-hwan, Lee Jong-seok, Go Dae-suk. Release : January 23, 2019 Country : South Korea. Production Company : CJ Entertainment, About Film. Language : 한국어/조선말. Runtime : 111 Genre : Drama, Comedy, Mystery. Movie ‘Extreme Job’ was released in January 23, 2019 in genre Drama. Lee Continue Reading...
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